A Mini Home Tour.

If you know me (even a bit), you known that I have a real passion for interior design. My favourite hobby: thinking of how I would have styled a place as soon as I walk in.

Even though we don’t own our current flat, I am always looking for new ideas to make it feel more homey. So today, I wanted to share three areas of our flat that I particularly love.

The TV Unit

Although I would love to get a Frame TV, I am pretty pleased with how the TV unit turned out. We had been looking for one for months when we stumbled upon this one… and it was just perfect. We wanted something pretty simple, in a dark wooden colour, small enough to fit in our living room, yet big enough so it can fit our pre-existing television. Doesn’t sound too difficult, right ? We found ours on Made.com and though it took us three months to receive it… I am so happy we choose the one we did. I was not too sure about the brass elements at first, but they give a nice twist to the unit without being too in your face.

unnamed (9)

I like to go simple when it comes to decoration. I don’t like when things appears too cluttered, that’s why we only keep those three candlestikes on top of the TV. We found them during a design garage sale; they are a nice match to the brass elements of the unit and considering how the brass upgrades our cheap candles, it turned out to be a real bargain. The little succulents are form Ikea. They give this “alive” vibe and don’t require much attention. Win-win. The books are the latest addition to the area. They are both about Louis Vuitton (a vestige of the period where Maxime was working there). They fit perfectly on the shelf whithout taking up too much room: exactly what I was looking for!

unnamed (11)

unnamed (10)

unnamed (5)

The Bedroom Fireplace

The fireplaces are one of the main reasons why we viewed this apartment. It’s something that I always find interesting. Even if ours are not in use anymore, I think they really make a difference to a room.

unnamed (7)

For me, a fireplace and a mirror always go hand in hand. It’s a duo, like eyebrows… or croissants! The mirror has a vintage look but is actually brand new, so the glass is in perfect condition. The frame allows us to squeeze in some favourite pictures, which always comes in handy! The travel guides are a tradition. Every time we plan a new trip I go and buy the travel guide to inspire me and help us define our itinerary. When we moved in, this is actually the first thing that I unpacked. I put them on the fireplace and it turned out I loved them up here! Still do.

unnamed (15)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (14)

On the side (his), we have a Christian Dior candle in the scent Ambre Nuit which is Maxime’s parfum (the dome helps preserve the aroma) and a diptych frame which is another family heirloom. On the other side (hers), I keep two mini cacti and a tiny cupel to hold a few rings.

I love how eclectic it looks when you walk in… but still in an organized way, of course.

unnamed (16)

The Living Room Fireplace

This one has definitely seen better days. Apart the color being quite odd, it sits awkwardly in the corner of the room, and even some bits are missing! That being said, I still like it very much. When the sun comes out and illuminates the picture frame, I forget my criticisms an am (all of a sudden) very happy.

unnamed (13)

On the fireplace lives our mailbox. This Napoleon III style box is where we put invoices, postcards, and all the paperwork that we need to sort through before filing it away. I hate when letters pill up, so this box is where they can discreetly (and patiently) wait for me to stop procrastinating. The mirror is a family heirloom from Maxime’s great-aunt, and it’s a perfect match for our style. I try to always have fresh flowers in the house; sometimes, I am even lucky enough to receive them. My favourite bouquets are green and white; and that is what you are most likely to see up here. The vase is from H&M Home. At first I was looking for a brass vase, but I though it would probabily be too much for one room (with the TV elements and all) so I went for the clear mustard glass one instead and I am not regretting it. The picture frame holds some of my favorite travel photos, as I try to avoid displaying anything too intimate in the living room. The glass and brass frame is from Zare Home. Last but not least, I have a Diptyque candle in the scent Ambre which is the exact smell I look for in a candle: amber !


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

Right underneath we keep an armchair that we found in a garage sale (do you see a theme here?). It is mustard, made in a terrycloth material, and Maxime instantly fell in love when he saw it. We are currently on the hunt for a new fabric that will give it a second life. The cushion is from Primark and I like how it clashes with the really not tropical scenery.

unnamed (12).jpg

Decorating this space is currently a work in progress, and will always be my favorite hobby! And you, what do you like most about your home ?


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