A Happy January.

January blues is a real thing and I find it even more true when you are a «really into Christmas» kind of person, like I am. All of a sudden, it is over and you basically have no purpose in life anymore and I am not being dramatic. I am a very happy person but I find myself a bit meh at this time of year. Although I don’t think shopping is always the solution (it pretty much never is guys), I found a few bits and bobs in the past few days that I have been really pleased with!

A Fancy Key Ring.

In my opinion, a nice key ring is a very under rated gift. Let me explain myself. Think about it: who says «I need to go keyring shopping»? No one, ever. Yet, it is very appreciable to have an elegant keyring that you are not ashamed of pulling out of your bag in front of strangers. It is a perfect thoughtful gift for somebody who is buying his first house or for this person you know that literally has everything. As I am a very thoughtful person, I got it for myself. Yes, I am this nice. Bonus point, it is currently on sale.

A Shinny Planter.
I don’t know about you but I have absolutely no problem plant shopping. I always find room for a new baby, but when it comes to planters, it is a whole other story. I never find what I have in mind. It’s either quite cheap/plasticky or, let’s be honest, way too expensive. I found this little one on a trip to H&M Home. You know I like some brass bits here and there, and I though this planter would be perfect for the tall and skinny cactus in the bedroom and I was right !
A Fluffy Jumper.
This is my jam. Knitwear. But not any knitwear. My preference goes to thick, dewy, oversized one. I have quite a bit of a collection growing but what can you do ? You have to keep yourself warm, isn’t it! White is my favourite color for a lot of things and jumpers are definitely one of it. So when I saw this jumper in the sales, I could not help myself but buying it. Get ready to see me wearing this little one loads in the next few weeks !
A Round Chopping Board.
I have a little something for chopping boards. Call it obsession, if you will. When I see a new one, I automatically think «this would look great on my counter top». I really like a nice and minimalist looking kitchen but chopping boards have a singular aesthetic to me. I like to collect different sizes, colors, materials and stack them on the side. This one is also from H&M Home and though I will not actually use it to cut anything, I can’t wait to use next time I have people over for diner. I’m wild, I know.
A Perfect Vinyl.
A chilled, cold winter morning calls for jazz. I think after a bath, this is what calm me the most. Listening to some back ground music helps me not only relax, but also to be more focused on what I am doing. It just creates a nice, cozy and comforting atmosphere, and it makes me feel so peaceful. «My baby just cares for me» is probably up there on my top five favourite song ever’s list. I treated myself to the vinyl the other day, and I can’t stop listening to it ever since.
And you, what do you do to get out of a rut ?

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