Popping Some Red In Your Life.

Lately, the weather has been way nicer and though I am really excited for spring, the longer day light and the warmth, winter is not over just yet I am afraid. I am getting quite bored of the grey sky and my oh so loved fluffy jumpers.

Let’s face it, my favourite part of the season is over – Christmas – and I am more than ready for a change. I found myself throwing some touch of red both on my outfit and face around this time each year. I feel like spicing up the same looks with a vibrant color can totally turn it around.

Red is one of the colors that suits everybody. You just have to find the right shade. And there’s a lot. Personally, I try to stay on the warm side of the spectrum as I think it looks nicer with my complexion but still play with shades according to the season. Carmin red is an all-rounder for me. I love it on dresses, tops, shoes and here, on handbags. In autumn, I am all about burgundy and oxblood and in the summer time, when I have a little tan, I love to rock a deep vibrant orange red. I think it suits my olive undertone pretty well.

By adding a few touch of red, it can change your whole outfit. Same goes for a red lip: it makes you look like you put a lot of effort into your makeup on when you really just changed the color of your lipstick. And yes, I am definitely one of those persons who love to color coordinate lips and nails. I feel like I have my shit together when I managed to do so. 

Jumper – H&M out of stock (similar)



SneakersNew Balance


And you, what is your happy color ?

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