Cheeky Banana Bread Recipe.

I feel like banana bread has became such a basic those past few years. And I can understand why: it is easy to make, affordable, taste great and can be really healthy, which is always a plus!


I don’t have a sweet tooth but when I crave sugar, I’d rather bake something then buying biscuits, ice cream or candies. First, I quite like to bake. I think it is nice to be creative with your food and I like the whole idea of sharing something you cook with others. Secondly, I need to know what I eat. It might sounds understandable but I truly pay attention to what I put in my body.


This banana bread recipe is my favourite. It stands on the healthier side but I throw some chocolate chips in it so it is extra satisfying to me !


Serves 4 – Preparation 10 min – Cooking 50 min

On The Shopping List

250 gr of flour

150 gr of cast sugar

4 bananas

2 eggs

Chocolat chips

3 table spoons of milk

2 tea spoons of baking soda

1/2 tea spoon of vanilla extract

3 table spoons of melted coconut oil

A pinch of salt

Step By Step

Pre-heat your oven at 160° C.

In a large bowl, mix all the dry ingredients: flour, baking soda, cast sugar, and salt.

In a larger bowl, mash the bananas. Then, add the wet ingredients: milk, melted coconut oil, vanilla extract and eggs.

Once there are nicely whisk, pour the mixture in the dry ingredients bowl. Stir all the ingredients together and add the chocolat chips.

Pour the mixture in a loaf pan and bake for 45 to 50 minutes. Check by inserting a knife into the center of the cake. If it comes out clean, it is done.

Remove from the oven and let it cool down for 10 minutes before serving with a nice cup of tea !

This recipe is so easy to make ! You can twist it as you want by adding nuts, icing or whatever it is you fancy !

8ef1451b-4bbe-40be-be9c-ee1991efdaadAnd you, how do you like your banana bread ?


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