Put A Label On It.

Last week, during one of my numerous Google deep dive, I end up on Dymo website. I have always wanted to get an Omega Dymo. Just the though of it make the organization freak in me giggle (list queen right here)! After realizing that my dream was only £24 away, I had to order my new toy.

Well, after printing few (lots of) labels and having way too much fun, I decided that it was too precious not to be used for a serious purpose. Here was the birth of the projet number one: The Pantry.

Our pantry, or the three big kitchen cupboards where we store our food, is a hot mess. Even if everything is sort by category, I don’t like how cluttered it looks. I am definitely guilty for finding expired bread at the back of the cupboard.

To achieve what I had in head, I decided to go with some Ikea jars as I already own a couple and I am happy with it. Now it’s time to be strategic. You need to write down what size options would work best for you and how many jars you would need of each. This is a very important step. You need to analyze your needs first. This is all about improving your pantry organization, do not run to the closest Ikea!

Once you have filled up your jars, it’s time to pull out the Dymo! Yeah. I went for the classic Dymo with which you have to press each letter into the label to emboss it. It give a nice vintage look. I wrote the labels in French as I though it was quite appropriate for food.

Finally, you just have to work out how to display/put away your jars. It is a mix of logic and aesthetic. Tada!

I love how it turned out. It is so neat. Now, I am really pleased to open the cupboards and I even feel more inspired as I can see exactly what food we have in the house.

And you, what is your organisation top tip ?


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