Swimwear Collection.

Oh hello!

If you didn’t know by this ridiculously hot and long heatwave, we are in summer. One of my favourite season, and it is finally the holidays! At least for us. It is this time of the year again which means we are going back to my hometown and the only plan is to love life. Basically, if you look for me, don’t look for me.


We are lucky to be able de travel quite often but when we do, we are in go! go! go! mode as we love to do one billion things. But once in a while, it’s nice to stop and relax, isn’t it? Those holidays are a bit like a staycation, seven hours away from home. Oh, I can’t wait to be there and to soak my body in the salty water of the Atlantic Ocean…

Capture d_écran 2018-07-27 à 16.30.40Capture d_écran 2018-07-27 à 18.50.39

I love being by the water. I always have. Spending hours at the beach is not a problem for me at all. I will go and explore, look for crabs, watch the fisherman, read, have fun in the waves, climb on rocks, creep on the world or just lay on the sand in my swimsuit pretending that the world has forgot about me… It doesn’t get any better than that.

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be challenging but it’s a is a necessary evil, so to speak. Once you’ll find the shape that works for you, you can have fun with the colours and patterns.

Capture d_écran 2018-08-06 à 14.08.00

Capture d_écran 2018-07-27 à 16.31.25

And for me, that is one-pieces. If you think one-pieces are for people who are not comfortable with their body, you have another think coming! You can’t go more practical or elegant in my opinion. I have always found bikinis a bit sexy and well, I don’t do sexy. Plus, they don’t do anything for my figures. One-pieces have that je-ne-sais-quoi that I really like. Here are my the ones I took with me on our recent trip to Seychelles.

I don’t get the chance to wear my swimsuits too often so I try to go for timeless prints and I grow my collection every year. This time around, I invited a Breton-striped one to join the team and I am quite pleased with it.

Capture d_écran 2018-07-27 à 16.31.40Capture d_écran 2018-07-27 à 16.32.05

Blue & with – Oysho

White – Asos (sold out similar here)

Breton-striped – Mango

And you, what is your go-to swimsuit?


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